Foap Review & Ways of Selling Photos on Foap

Foap is an app that is used to take pictures.

It is not only meant for taking pictures, but it also has features that allow the user to sell the pictures taken.

If you love taking pictures with your smartphone then you will find this app very useful.

It will help you take good pictures and also help you sell those pictures.

That said, here is a review about Foap you will find very interesting.

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What is Foap?

Foap is both a platform and an app. It helps users to create customized visual content like pictures. This app was founded in 2012.

Apart from the features of creating visual content, this platform allows users to get paid for uploading and selling their pictures.

Individuals and companies can also buy photos from this site.

The platform is powered by creatives and it is meant for creative professionals.

Foap has corporate locations in places like New York, Poland, and Sweden.


How Does Foap Work?

If you are interested in using Foap, then here are quick steps on how this app works:

  • Download the app into your smartphone. It is free from the iTunes Store or Google Play!
  • Create an account with either your email or with your Facebook account.
  • Fill your personal information in the profile section. Make sure that you fill in all relevant information.
  • After filling in the relevant information, then you would be required to rate five photos with one to five stars before you can upload any of your photos.
  • Upload your photo and add tags, descriptions, and licenses, etc.
  • Once you upload a photo and create relevant tags, license, and description, other Foap users will rate your photo
  • All photos, even below 2.5-star rating are now available in the Foap Marketplace for sale.
  • Wait for someone to buy your photo.
  • You earn money after your photo is sold.


4 Ways of Selling Photos on Foap

The following are four ways you can earn money using Foap:


1 – Join regular Foap Missions

This usually requires specific products in photos/videos. The features of Foap Missions are:

  • The Rewards range is from $100 to $500.
  • The missions have only 1 winner.
  • Missions could be regularly or exclusive.
  • Your photos can be bought in regular Missions for $10 each, while in an exclusive Missions their price can go up to $60.
  • You will split your earnings with Foap 50/50.


2 – Join Premium Missions

This has to be unlocked in the app with Foap coins, which you can earn by watching Video Ads in the app or by simply getting them on the Foap website.

Premium Missions features include:

  • The missions always have multiple winners – up to 60 winners per Mission.
  • The missions never require a specific product in the photos
  • The missions are tailored in a way that everyone can participate
  • The missions have total rewards up to $2000

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3 – Upload your photos

Upload them to your profile, caption and tag them and wait for someone to spot them and buy them from you on our Foap market.

One photo costs up to $10 and you split the money with Foap 50/50 e.g. for one photo sold for $10 you get $5, while the other $5 goes to Foap.


making money with foap


4 – Add photos of other users

Add them to your album and wait for someone who’s searching for an exact photo to find it in your album.

For each photo, you’ve added that will be bought from the album you’ve created you get $0.25.


How Foap Payment works

The following are tips on how much Foap pays and how you get your money:

  • Foap sells your photos for $10 each and pays you $5.
  • You can sell the same photos over and over again and as many times as you would like.
  • Foap pays users only by PayPal for sold photos at the end of the month.
  • Users will need to cash out their earnings before the 15th of the month to receive payment at month’s end or they will have to wait another month.
  • Users can participate in contests and missions to submit certain photos matching the requested criteria.
  • Winners of contests and missions can earn over $100.


Great Features of Foap – Why you need to use this app

The Foap app has features that make it unique and attract users. These include:

  • On-the-go instant app access: With this app, you can upload photos instantly after taking them.
  • The large fan base and instant feedback: Foap has a community of thousands of users. This makes it easier to make new friends and build a following for your photos.

You also get new ideas for future photo opportunities.

So, use Foap to create a large following for your photos and get immediate feedback on what kind of photos sell.

  • Missions and contests: Foap displays regular photo contests and missions from high-profile corporate brands and other businesses. These contests or missions are aimed at discovering the perfect photo for a business advertisement campaign.

The winners of the contests or missions can make out with $100 or more if their photo is chosen.

It is important that you read the terms and conditions and meet the set of criteria before submitting your photo in the missions.

Of course, you can only win if you meet all the listed criteria.


Pros of using Foap

Instant eyeballs on your pics: Foap has a large community of users that give immediate feedback to your photos.

You’ll know right away if they suck.

You can create a large following for your photos and learn what kind of photos sell.

Enjoy some great contest missions: Foap has some great contest missions from many well-known brands.

If you meet all the listed criteria and win, you can earn $100 or more for your work.

There is no limit on the number of photos you can submit for a particular contest.


True Facts about using Foap

  • You need a smartphone to make the most of this app. For some people, this could be expensive.
  • You won’t make fortune with Foap. Selling photos through Foap is not easy.

Getting accepted in the marketplace is not an easy task. You can make extra income from this app but don’t expect to get rich overnight.

  • Foap only pays users through PayPal. So, you need to have a PayPal account, to get paid by this app.

Is Foap Legit or A Big Scam?

While Foap is a legitimate smartphone app for selling digital photos online. It is not a scam. However, making serious with it is difficult.

Foap only pays users $5 per sold photo, and so you can be sure that this won’t pay your bills.



The above is a quick review of Foap. It is a smartphone app and a platform for selling photos.

Each photo can sell for $10 and you will get $5 from this income.

Foap will keep the remaining $5. You can earn more by joining missions, contests, and premium services.

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