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How to Get Paid to Take Pictures and the Best Companies to Work With

It’s indeed true – you can get paid to take pictures!

This article tells you all about how it works and some of the best companies to get involved with, to start getting paid taking pictures.

First things first…

Do you love to take pictures and often find yourself out of memory space on your phone because of the number of photos that you capture every day?

Do you get a lot of compliments for your images, but you’re not sure what to do with them?

Are you bored of just posting them on Instagram and Facebook without any actual monetary gain?

Even if you’re not a professional photographer, it seems that there are better ways to put this hobby of yours to good use because a lot of blogging websites and small businesses buy photos online.

From themes that vary from food, people, nature, culture, or travel, there is no end to what people would like to see online. That’s why multiple sites allow you to sell your photos.

Depending on your skill level, you can earn as much as you want from this activity. So much so that you can dream of setting up your own photography business someday.

For all shutterbugs out there, we present the easiest ways to generate income by offering your pictures online!

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Best Companies That Pay You To Take Pictures

Below are some of the best companies to get involved with, to start getting paid taking pictures

1. Adobe Stock

Yes, we are talking about the same software company that lets you view all your PDFs. Since the website is associated with a very reputable brand, there is no doubt about its authenticity.

It is, in fact, one of the largest sites available today for selling pictures.

What this means for your photos is that you have the most extensive client base available on Adobe stock!

All you need to do is create an account on their website and publish your pictures.

With every image that is sold, you will get a 33% commission.

You’re paid your earned money through PayPal, and the only drawback is that you need a minimum of $25 in your account for a cash out.


2. Shutterstock 

Shutterstock is also one such company that lets you publish your pictures on their website.

When people buy your photos, they purchase the rights to your photos so that they can use them somewhere else.

Whenever any image from your collection of uploaded photos is sold, you get a part of their commission.

All of your photos are stored in an album on the website. So, customers looking specifically for your work can search your collection for pictures of their choice or search through the entire site by referring to some keywords.

If you are a regular publisher, you can earn more with Shutterstock. As you start making more, your percentage commission on each photo also becomes higher.

This scheme indicates that people love your photographs more, which is why Shutterstock is willing to pay you extra.

In addition to the commission, they also run a referral program. If you refer another photographer and any of his work is sold, you earn a part of his commission.

As generally is the case with any other program, the first time you upload photos, they require Shutterstock approval.

Once approved, you can go ahead and publish more photos whenever you like.


3. Snapped4u

On this website, you can earn by posting pictures of events.

Be it a birthday party or a wedding, or a bar mitzvah, Snapped4u will help you line your pockets with money.

You can create a gallery, upload event pictures, and then put prices on photos.

Then, you’re ready to go!

Your photographs are sold as JPEG files, and the website emails them immediately to your buyers.

On the first day of every month, you get paid via PayPal.

Since they are categorized according to types of events, it is easier for buyers to find exactly what they are looking for.


get paid to take pictures


4. Foap 

Here’s an app that is available both for Android and iOS users.

It is a very convenient app because all you need is your smartphone to capture the pictures.

The exciting thing about Foap is that even when somebody buys to use your photo, you still retain rights over them.

On top of that, you earn a 50% commission for each picture that you sell.

Their only requirement is to use a high-quality camera on your smartphone because they are specific about the resolution of images sold on their website.


5. 500px

500px is a marketplace that creates an online portfolio of your pictures and helps you bring in the bucks.

It is considered to be one of the best places online to publish your photos.

The site works on a pulse algorithm that helps to increase your exposure by including your new uploads on their Discovery page.

Thousands of guests view the site every day. You can compare your photos to that of your competitors through tracking services also provided by the website.

With their Analytics, you will see how many times your picture was clicked.

You will also learn where you stand in the competition with your peers.

Once you create a free account, you can be a part of this wonderful revolution.



This website is an exception that I had to make to include in this list. Because it is not a general website where you can publish pictures.

You can register for free on their page and then enter several contests where you win cash and other great prizes.

Even though you won’t be paid for every picture that you’ve uploaded, it is something to consider when you know your photos generally stand out from the crowd.

When you win contests or receive votes or get new followers, you move up new levels, and you get to participate in even larger contests that have better cash payouts and prizes.



We hope that this guide helps you select and make the best out of your photos.  The opportunities are growing day by day, and we hope this will help you capitalize on your work.

The best part about all of these is that you don’t exactly need to be a professional to take photos and start earning cash.

If you feel like you have something that can be put to better use, go ahead on this journey, and we hope you’ll be able to enjoy your passion more.

Happy clicking!

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