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9 Easy Ideas for Making Money That Work for Most People

This article shows some money making ideas that can work for just about anybody.


1. Rent Your Home Through Airbnb

If you own a house with empty rooms you can rent it out to make money. Many people are doing just this to make extra money for themselves. Most specifically, they sign up with websites like AirBnB. This website connects hosts with guests.

As a homeowner, you are the host, while the guest is someone who is renting your free home, room or accommodation.

AirBnB only takes 3% as a commission of the rental fee. However, you are going to set the price you are renting the room or home for.

AirBnB will provide you with a page where you can post the picture of your home and also where you can write a description of it.

The amount you make through AirBnB will depend on how many guests you receive, the location of the home, and the industry competition.

Like most people, if you want to start making money by renting homes then check out AirBnB website.


2. Become a Customer Service Agent

You can make money like most people if you work as an agent. Not just any type of agent, but as a customer service agent.

Here, your job description will include chatting with customers and providing with solutions about their purchases or subscriptions.

You also provide them with help on how to fix any technical issues relating to the product they have purchased.

As a customer service agent, you can work remotely even from your home. All you need is your computer, a dedicated phone line, and email.

Examples of some of the companies used by most people to make money as customer service agents include:


3. Sell Advert Space on Your Websites

You can make money like most people by selling advert space on your website. Of course, your website must have a high traffic volume before you can make good money from it.

If brands or businesses see that your website has many visitors, then they would ask you for advert space so that their products and services could be wider exposure or reach.

You can set the advert rate on any location of the website.

This way of making money is highly profitable as long as your site remains rich with valuable content and high traffic volume


4. Transcribe Documents for Others

You can make money like many people if you know how to transcribe content from one format to another. As a transcriptionist, you can listen to audio recordings and transcribe what you heard in a text format.

May businesses can hire and pay you to transcribe documents for them. You can work from the comfort of your home, and also work at flexible hours.

You will get paid by the hour or by the number transcription project sent to you.

If you are good at transcribing medical or legal documents then you will get more pay than if you do general transcription.

Examples of companies that will hire you to do transcription jobs include:


5. Design and Print T-Shirts

You can put your creative mind into use by selling the T-shirts you design and print. You can easily do this by using the services and features of on-demand print T-shirt software.

You have to create an account on this platform and use their software to choose a T-Shirt you could design and sell.

You will have to choose the material, the color, the text or image that would appear on it, and the size, etc. After your design, you can set the price that this shirt would sell for.

The profit margin and base cost are considered when setting a price.

You will receive your money when your design sells. You will split the sales with some companies while you will get to keep 100% profit of the sale with some other companies.

Examples of websites where you can make money with the design and print of T-shirts are:


6. Test Websites and Apps for Website Owners and Developers

You can become a website or apps tester. You simply sign up with companies like to test the user experience of some websites or apps.

Your feedback would be used to improve the usability of the website or app.

The companies that employ testers work for website owners or developers. These companies will pay you when once you complete testing a platform. On average, you can earn $10 per test that will take you not more than 20 minutes.

Examples of websites where you can get paid to test websites or apps for money are:


7. Sell Your Course Online

You can make money like most people by selling courses online. You can create a course around a topic you are very familiar with.

As an expert on this topic, you would teach others how to an idea or concept works. You make money by selling each download of the course.

When a member subscribes and pays, then automatically he/she will have access to the course. The course could be in eBook, audio, or video format.

A good example of where most experts make money from selling their courses is


8. Become a Virtual Assistant

You can make money like most people by becoming a virtual assistant. Here, your duty would be to complete office tasks like answering phone calls, checking email, typing quick documents, doing data entry and completing other tasks for clients or business managers.

The interesting thing about being a virtual assistant is that you can work from anywhere and with this, you don’t need worry about the stress of commuting to the office location daily.

Examples of platforms you can register with to get hired and paid as a virtual assistant include:


9. Rent Your Car

If you have a spare car you don’t use then you can rent it out to make money.

Many people use this idea to make money every day. Renting your car means that you allow others who are in need of a car to use it for a specific time.

You can opt for this way of making money because many people find cannot pay for the fees of car rental companies. They will see your offer as a very good alternative.

The good news is that there are some companies that will help you connect with drivers or those who need to rent your car. You can sign up with these companies start making money renting your car.

Examples of websites that would connect you to make money by renting your car include:



The above are some of the best money making ideas that can work for most people.



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