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Secrets To Making Big Money Selling Pictures of Feet Online

Yes, you can really make big money selling pictures of feet online but many people don’t know the main secrets involved.

Truth is that not everyone makes money selling their feet pictures. That’s usually because they don’t know what they should. Those who know what they should are making really good money selling their pictures online.

So, yes, you can sell feet pictures not just online but also offline. The main concern is where is the best place to do this. The truth remains that there are many places you can list your pictures for sale. 

These places offer you the best deals, tools, and features that would make your listings successful. 

This article will reveal some helpful tips you probably haven’t read before. It is good to know that you have many options when it comes to selling your images. 


About feet pictures 

A foot picture is what it implies. It is an image of that part of the leg below the ankle.

The picture could be that of male or female feet. The pictures are used as personal mementos, sexual tools, or as a business item for resale. 

Most people sell different types of feet pictures. Some sell the pictures are displayed barefoot, others sell pictures that display the foot that is worn inside a shoe, socks, jewelry, or another type of footwear or footgear. 

If you have beautiful feet pictures then you should consider selling them to make money. Most people who are confirmed foot fetishists can buy feet pictures form you to satisfy their sexual urge. 

Yes, they can use the images to fantasize about their sexual nature. These are people who are strongly attracted to the sight of barefoot. 

Feet pictures are often associated with dating and adult sites. They are also demanded by advertisers and modeling agencies for business purposes. 

So, there are lots of things to know about feet pictures, and more details are shared below. 


Selling of feet pictures – why you should do it. 

You can start to sell feet pictures now because there are benefits you will enjoy. These include but not limited to the following: 

A way to bring in extra money

Whether you have a full time job or not, you can make money by selling your pictures. 

You can either take pictures of your beautiful feet and promote them for sale. Or, you can promote and sell the pictures belonging to other persons. Either way, you are going to make money. 

The most interesting thing about selling feet pictures on your own is that you can have some level of control in determining what you can earn. 

This is real since you are going to set the price you want. But of course, you should set a very competitive price. 

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how to sell feet pics


A side hustle that provides you with flexibility and convenience

You can choose when to do it. 

Some tools and apps will allow upload, promote, and sell those pictures whenever you want. Yes, you can choose to sell these pictures in the day time or at nighttime. 

How you sell these pictures is also under your control. You can sell these in batches or pieces, you can sell your own or those of others, you can sell the size, shape or color you want. 

There is also a convenience when it comes to selling feet pictures. This means that you can sell these pictures from wherever you are. 

You can do this from the comfort of your home or any convenient location of your choice. 


Where to sell feet pictures online? 

There are many places where you can sell your feet pictures online. These places include many photo sharing websites as well as apps you can download on your mobile device to sell those pictures of your feet. 

A highlight of the places to sell your feet pictures online includes: 

Stock photography websites

These are websites where users can upload and download licensed free to use photographs. These platforms allow you to upload feet pictures for sale. 

You will get paid when your pictures sell. Most of these platforms can be leveraged to promote your feet pictures to the general public. 

The best stock photography websites to sell your feet pictures online include



Social media platforms

These are websites where members get to interact with one another. Real-time information and comments are shared on these platforms. 

You can upload your feet pictures on the feeds of these websites. You can also sign up groups on these platforms to sell to a targeted audience. If you are using social media platforms like Instagram, you may have to sign up with apps or software that would link you directly to e-commerce websites or landing pages where you can be contacted by potential buyers. 

Examples of the popular social media websites where you can interact with users to sell your feet pictures online include

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • Snapchat


Feet websites

These are websites that are specifically built for feet lovers. The users or members can list their feet pictures or videos for sale. 

Potential buyers can also browse through the featured pages and links to buy their choice feet pictures for personal or business usage. 

Feet websites are exclusively built for members who are either want to buy or sell feet pictures. 

If you have feet pictures to sell, then you may want to consider using these platforms. 

The reasons to choose feet websites to sell your feet pictures: 

  • These websites are built exclusively for those who have feet pictures to sell or buy. 
  • These websites have tools and features that allow members to easily upload their images. 
  • The sign-up process to these platforms are easy and the registration requirements are less complicated 
  • The websites are mainly membership platform. The members or users get access to their page where the pictures are uploaded, edited, and shared. 
  • Feet websites may combine the promotion of feet pictures with feet videos. 
  • Feet websites are free to register. However, members can still enjoy more benefits when they subscribe to paid plans. 
  • Feet websites allow users to set the price of their pictures. So, the member has control of how much to earn. 
  • Feet websites provide secured means of handling the payments between buyers and sellers. 

Examples of feet websites where you can sell your feet pictures online are

  • Feetify
  • Instafeet

One of the best feet websites you can check out and sign up to sell your feet pictures online is Feetify. This is a membership foot selling website. 

Feet lovers can browse through this platform to find and subscribe to the feet pictures they want. 

Feetify has tools that allow members to send messages, email, phone, and contact one another. So, this is equally a social feet picture selling platform. 

Feetify is one of the best places to sell your feet pictures and videos online. You can also check out other platforms like Instafeet and Wikifeet. 


selling my feet pictures


Adult or dating sites

 There are many adult or dating websites out there. These are platforms where users can access adult content like nude and erotic pictures. 

It is not a new thing to find pictures of men or women engaging the feet for sexual satisfaction on these sites. 

So, if you have feet pictures to sell, then you should check out adult or dating websites to sell them. 

A very good reason to sell feet pictures on adult or dating websites is that foot fetishists who are strongly attracted to feet pictures for sexual fantasies frequently explore them. 

So, it is a perfect place for selling pictures to those who are more likely to buy from you. 


Where to sell feet pictures offline

You can sell your feet pictures offline. This means you are selling them without using the Internet. The best way that this works is to find a potential buyer near you. 

You can sell to those living near your homes or offices. Thus, your friends, family members, or acquaintances could be the potential buyers of your feet pictures. 

You can sell to them directly. Or, you can sell to them through a yard sale, flea market, or from your photography studio. 


How to sell feet pictures on your own blog/website

To sell feet pictures on your own blog/website, you need to follow these suggestions:  

  • Build or operate a blog/website with valuable content about feet, feet lovers, feet fetish, or feet pictures 
  • Promote the blog/site to grow traffic.
  • Leave a link that will redirect to a landing page where you can sell the feet picture 
  • Join affiliate programs to promote feet pictures and earn a commission. Of course, you will have to place a link or a code on your website to redirect to the merchant’s landing page 
  • Write a review or sponsored ads on your blog to promote a feet picture shared by others. 
  • Sell ad space on your blog/website and get paid to promote feet pictures.


How to sell feet pictures on social media sites

To sell feet pictures on social media sites, you may apply the following tips: 

  • Sign up with the platform – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or WhatsApp, etc. 
  • Check out the rules for selling products on any of these platforms 
  • Upload samples of your feet pictures, and use watermark to guide against copyright infringement
  • Add good descriptions and set your price. 
  • Promote the pictures online and start to make sales. 


How to sell feet pictures on classified ad websites 

To sell feet pictures on classified ad websites, follow these tips:

  • Create a profile on the platform 
  • Upload your pictures to the right category and add a good description 
  • Promote your pictures and start making sales. 


Best e-commerce websites to sell your feet pictures 

There are lots of e-commerce websites out there. However, the best of these to sell feet pictures are eBay and Etsy


Best foot site to sell your feet pictures

The best foot site to sell your feet pictures is This site offers some of the best-paid plans that allow both buyers and sellers to browse and list the best gorgeous and quality feet pictures and videos. 


Best print-on-demand websites to sell feet pictures

You can check out and to sell your feet pictures designs. These sites also offer some of the best tools that would allow you to earn good money. 


Best stock photography websites to sell feet pictures

The best stock photography websites you can take advantage of include Alamy, Shutterstock, Fotolia, and Dreamstime, etc.


How much you can make selling feet pictures

How much you make selling feet pictures will depend on a lot of factors. 

The price you set, the numbers of pictures you sell, the platform through which you upload, and sell the photos and the quality of your photos. 

On average, you can make from $10 to $150 for a single picture. Besides, some people make tens of thousands of dollars selling their feet pictures yearly. 

How to combine the selling of feet pictures and videos

You can combine the selling of feet pictures and feet videos. Platforms like allows users to list, share, and promote their pictures and videos.

You may want to check out this platform to combine the sale of your feet pictures and videos. 


Best time to sell feet pictures

Just about any time is enough for you to sell feet pictures. However, you can maximize your effort by leveraging when the demand is high. 


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